Dialogue in the Dark™ is a sensory journey through Melbourne. An experience in total darkness, you will be led by guides who are blind or have low vision, and learn to interact and communicate by relying on other senses.

After more than 25 years and 41 countries across the globe, Dialogue in the Dark™ is open in Melbourne, partnered with Guide Dogs Australia, Australia’s most trusted charity brand.

A reversal of roles is created: people with sight are removed from their familiar ways, losing the sense they rely on the most – their sight; people who are blind or have low vision are your guides, providing security and orientation while transmitting a world without pictures. Within this new paradigm, guides open the visitor’s eyes to show them that the world of the blind is in no way poorer – only different.

Within a period of an hour, the experience allows the participant to discover:

  • How to find orientation and move in the dark
  • How to identify the world through the remaining senses
  • How to communicate and collaborate without sight

Tickets are available for booking through Ticketmaster – book nowFor group bookings, please contact Ticketmaster Groups on 1300 889 278.

For more information download the brochure here.

The story of Dialogue in the Dark™

Dialogue in the Dark™ was founded by Andreas Heinecke back in 1988, when at the time, he was working at a radio station and was asked to develop work training for a young journalist who had lost his eyesight through a tragic car accident.

Andreas had no previous experience with disability, and his first reaction was to question how a life without eyesight could be lived wholly. He was prejudiced about blindness.

The encounter with the journalist who is blind changed his life: He learned to understand the true potential of an individual who lives with a vision impairment, and he went on to create Dialogue in the Dark™ a whole-body experience designed for the vision impaired to lead the fully visioned through every day challenges, in the dark.

The first Dialogue in the Dark™ experience opened in Germany in 1988, and to date, has employed more than 10,000 vision impaired guides across 42 countries, including Australia from 2 June 2017.

More than nine million sighted people have completed the Dialogue in the Dark™ experience. Will you?

About Guide Dogs Australia

More than dogs: Explore the possibilities

Guide Dogs Australia provides a full range of expert services to support the independence of Australians with vision loss.

Our iconic Guide Dogs provide constant support and companionship to their handlers. But for many people a dog is not either desirable or possible, and Guide Dogs Australia provides a range of services to support all vision impaired people, who often need a mix of different programs.

The length and breadth of our individual client training programs are entirely dependent on our client’s needs and are not restricted or capped by Government or case mix funding.

For more information about the work of Guide Dogs in Australia, visit their website.