About the Tour 

What is Dialogue in the Dark™?

Dialogue in the Dark™ is a sensory journey set in total darkness. It’s an incredible experience where you step out of your comfort zone and take on the challenges of a bustling, simulated Melbourne in the dark. Everyday experiences take on a whole new meaning as you move through a simulated Melbourne, guided by a person with low vision. You’ll learn skills, learn about yourself, overcome challenges, and develop a new perspective: all in total darkness.

How long is the tour?
The tour is approximately 60 minutes long, however there are some things you’ll need to do before you begin. We recommend arriving 20 minutes before your scheduled session.

Is there anything I should know before the tour? 
We advise that you do not bring anything that lights up or glows in the dark, or that you be prepared to remove it and place it in the lockers available on your arrival. We recommend wearing flat, comfortable shoes. No stilettos please.

Do I need to bring or prepare anything specific for the tour?
No. There’s no need for you to bring anything. Please turn off your mobile phone, and put any wearable devices or accessories which light up into the available lockers, along with your valuable possessions and any loose items. Then you’re ready to challenge the darkness!

Will I be alone in the dark?
No, every group is accompanied by a guide who remains with you for the duration of your experience.

What if I have a group larger than 7 people?
For safety reasons, a group cannot be larger than 7 people. Your group will be divided into smaller groups. The tours begin every 20 minutes.

I want to know what it really looks like inside the experience; can I see the rooms in light?
No, unfortunately not. It’s better to let your imagination run free! Seeing the exhibition space in light would spoil your experience.

Who should attend?
Dialogue in the Dark™ is for people aged five years and over. If you have any health conditions, special needs, or any other concerns, we advise that you speak to one of our Ticketmaster team members prior to booking.

Can children attend?
Dialogue in the Dark™ is designed for people aged five years and above. For school groups, we recommend participants be in the third grade or higher.

Are there care facilities available for children aged four or under?
Unfortunately, no. Please note it is not possible to leave children unattended in the foyer if they decide not to take part in the experience.

Do the guides get paid?
Yes. Dialogue in the Dark™ is a social enterprise designed to improve employment opportunities for people who are blind or have low vision. To date, Dialogue in the Dark has employed more than 10,000 guides with low vision or blindness across 42 countries, including here in Australia.

What do I do if I am uncomfortable in total darkness?
Our experienced guides will help you feel safe and confident in the dark, and are happy to provide assistance to anyone feeling anxious. However, if you feel you must leave the tour, your guide can accompany you safely back into the light at any point.


How can I book a ticket?
We recommend booking online or via phone at Ticketmaster, or on location at the Dialogue in the Dark™ premises at The District Docklands. Please note walk-up tickets are subject to availability. If you have special needs, or are part of a large group, please phone Ticketmaster on 1300 889 278 prior to your arrival at the Dialogue premises.

When do I receive my booking confirmation?
For all online bookings, you will receive a confirmation directly after your reservation. For all phone bookings, you will receive the confirmation within 72 hours of making the booking. If someone has made the booking on your behalf, they will be able to share information with you. 

What if I’m late for my tour?
Tours run every 20 minutes; we ask that all guests arrive 20 minutes before their tour start time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to admit latecomers once the tour has started. However, we will attempt to accommodate you in a nearby session, based on availability only. Please note that this may not be possible in peak periods.

Do you give refunds, exchanges or last-minute cancellations?
No, except for instances in accordance with Australian Consumer Law. Please call Ticketmaster on 136 100 for further information.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes. You can purchase a gift certificate through the box office at Dialogue in the Dark – phone 1300 411 881 or contact us here.

What happens if I lose my ticket?
We suggest that you contact Ticketmaster, so they can re-issue your tickets for pickup at the Dialogue venue on the day.

Can I buy extra tickets to my session on the day?
Extra tickets can be booked online at Ticketmaster, or subject to availability, we may be able to add additional friends and family to your session on the day.

Do you offer group discounts?
Yes, you can receive a 10% discount on group bookings of 7 people. Please contact the Ticketmaster Groups team to book – phone 1300 889 278.

Do you offer any other discounted tickets?
You can receive 10% discount with the presentation of a valid Melbourne Star ticket on the same day. These discounts are valid only for booking at the Box Office (on location at Dialogue in the Dark) and are subject to availability. Tickets are limited, so we always recommend booking online where possible. Occasionally, we do promotional offers and special events, as well as pre-releases. Please subscribe to the Dialogue in the Dark and Ticketmaster newsletters for further information.

How can I bring a school group?
Dialogue in the Dark workshops offer a powerful learning experience, from grade three through to university level students. Student groups can be booked by calling Dialogue in the Dark on 1300 411 881. You can find out more information for schools and educational organisations,, or contact us if you have any specific questions.

How can I bring a corporate group?
Workshops can be booked through the Dialogue in the Dark Box Office on 1300 411 881. You can find out more about our workshops or contact us to register your interest.


Accessibility and special needs 

We try to make it possible for everyone to visit our exhibition. If you have particular requirements around access, please contact Ticketmaster when you make your booking so that we can make the necessary arrangements.  

Persons in wheelchairs will be accompanied by an extra guide who will assist you through the exhibition. For all wheelchair users, it will be necessary to use one of the specially designed wheelchairs we have available. You will need a trained support person to move you into this chair, prior to your session.

Please note: We have capacity for one visitor in a wheelchair and assisted guide per hour.

Limited mobility
If you require assistance to walk, it could be necessary to use one of the wheelchairs we have available for your experience. In this case, an additional guide will be available to assist you in the exhibition. We have capacity for one visitor in a wheelchair and assisted guide per hour.

Dialogue in the Dark experiences are only offered in English at this stage.

Hearing loss
In the darkness, hearing is especially important. If you are hearing-impaired, please let the guide know before the tour begins.

We attempt to make the experience accessible for visitors who are deaf. Please decide if you want to bring an interpreter. If you decide to come alone without an interpreter, the guide will arrange a series of simple words with you so that communication is possible in the darkness.

Please note there is a high chance of bumping into other things or visitors in the darkness. We therefore recommend not visiting the exhibition from the sixth month of pregnancy onwards.

Infants and young children
Please note we do not allow infants, toddlers, or children under the age of five to attend the exhibition.

Guide Dogs
Guide Dogs are not permitted within the exhibition space due to animal protection. Please advise our staff and we will arrange to accommodate your registered Guide Dog during the experience.

How do you ensure the safety of your guests?
Our exhibition and its staff comply with all current building and safety codes. Our guides also supply any additional safety information.

Supporting Dialogue in the Dark

How can I donate to Dialogue in the Dark and/or Guide Dogs Australia?
Dialogue in the Dark is presented in partnership with Guide Dogs Australia—Australia’s most trusted charity brand. Your valuable donations support our organisations, and the guides with low vision or blindness who facilitate your Dialogue in the Dark experience. You can make a donation to Guide Dogs Australia when you purchase your ticket or you can donate online at any time.  

Where does my donation go?
Your donation supports the work of Guide Dogs Australia in providing a full range of expert services to support the independence of Australians with vision loss. Find out more about Guide Dogs Australia and their valuable work.