Dialogue in the Dark™ is an opportunity for vision impaired individuals to gain valuable experience and workplace readiness in a vision impaired environment.

All exhibition guides at Dialogue in the Dark™ are blind or visually impaired people. They lead visitors through the exhibitions providing an imaginative, educational and entertaining experience. Progressing from initial disorientation to the joy of perceiving the world through the other senses, blind guides enable visitors to feel comfortable and safe during their tour.

We believe that the opportunity to work in the exhibition empowers blind people as they become aware of their different abilities, their values, beauty, personality and energy. Guides working for an exhibition perceive this as a chance to move from unemployment and a sense of limitation, to a fulfilling work with a social context.

For further information on the global philosophy on employment within Dialogue Social Enterprise, please visit http://www.dialogue-in-the-dark.com/exhibition-guides

To find out more about working with Dialogue in the Dark™ in Melbourne, please contact us.