In addition to our guided tours, Dialogue in the Dark™ Australia also conducts workshops for schools as part of a curriculum based learning activity. Our workshops are facilitated by both trainers who are blind and sighted specialists.

Our educational workshops are designed for primary and secondary school students, who will learn:

  • Empathy (understanding how people who are blind interact in day-to-day life)
  • Non-visual communication (speaking and listening skills)
  • Confidence (overcoming fears)
  • Self-awareness (of who and what they are)

School group bookings are being taken now  – secure your place as they’re filling fast.

For school bookings, please contact Ticketmaster Groups on 1300 889 278.

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For all other enquiries please complete the contact form, or phone us on 1300 411 881.  


Dialogue in the Dark is a powerful and transformative learning experience that places the student in a real situation of evaluating and understanding their thinking, emotions, response and actions when vision is removed and they are dependent on their other senses, their colleagues and a guide who is blind.

Comfort and safety are assured, as the most competent individuals who are blind convey a culture without images. Students explore the unseen, and learn to see in darkness. Communication bridges the gaps, and with physical support holding hands and most importantly trust in others, all people engage in the tour in the dark.

The tour guide takes the group through faithfully recreated environments of Melbourne’s iconic landscapes and daily activities. An invisible landscape emerges, composed from sounds, scents, wind, textures and temperatures.

Duration: School tour and workshop: 2 hours (based on a group of 30 students)

Capacity: A class or group of up to 30 students can be accommodated in each tour and workshop session.

The group is divided into smaller groups as they tour through the exhibition with a guide who is blind. An accompanying adult supervisor is an optional requirement for each student group. Please note: all students will be required to be supervised by teaching staff provided by the school at all time.

If you have two classes, please note that you will need to stagger the groups into two sessions. There are plenty of other student friendly education and entertainment options in Harbour Town Melbourne to give your students a full day experience, including Artvo, Melbourne Star, and O’Brien Group Arena.

Accessibility requirements: The Dialogue in the Dark™ premises are wheelchair accessible. There are, however, some specific requirements for wheelchair accessibility through the tour to ensure the individuals’ comfort. For further information and enquiries, please contact

Tour Guides and Workshop Facilitators: All staff at Dialogue in the Dark™ have a current Working with Children Check, as part of Guide Dogs Australia’s staffing policy.

Links to the curriculum: DiD assists in the development of knowledge and skills required by students for life-long learning, social development and an active and informed citizenship. DiD aligns with the learning objectives and outcomes of learning areas and capabilities of the Victorian Curriculum Levels 3-10 including:

Personal and Social Capability – 

Subject areas include:

  • Creative and Critical Thinking Capability
  • English
  • Health and Physical Education
  • The Humanities
  • The Arts

DiD is a relevant and valuable resource for:

  • VCE Psychology Unit 2
  • VCE Studio Arts Unit 4
  • VCE Physical Education Unit 2

Cost: $14 per student for primary and secondary schools. Student pricing for University Students is $31.50 + booking fees.

Supervising adults admitted free. Please note: students will need to be supervised by teaching staff provided by the schools.

For bookings, please contact Ticketmaster Groups on 1300 889 278.  

Getting there

Dialogue in the Dark™ Melbourne is located at Harbour Town Melbourne, Docklands.

Address is: Level 1, 29-31 Star Crescent, Docklands (upstairs, opposite ArtVo).

Public transport is available to Docklands – including the Melbourne City Visitors Shuttle, and the free City Circle Tram.

For all public transport and parking options, please visit Harbour Town Melbourne’s website.