Wander through a simulated Melbourne in total darkness to explore your perception of the world.

Are you ready to broaden your horizons and change your view of the world, all without leaving a darkened exhibition room?

A tour in the Dialogue in the Dark experience lasts for around an hour, and happens in complete darkness.

In the beginning, the total absence of visual information is a shock. Gradually though, you’ll learn to adapt and develop coping skills, insights and strategies.

From the start, you’re equipped with:

  1. A white cane. This everyday aid—frequently used by people with low vision or blindness—provides a sense of orientation in the dark, and protects you by helping identify obstacles of all kinds.
  2. A skilled guide to lead you on your journey. All tours are organised in groups of up to eight people and facilitated by specially-trained guides who are blind or have low vision. Your guide knows exactly how to supervise and navigate the experience.

What to expect on a tour

Get ready to challenge yourself and make all kinds of connections; whether physical, emotional or intellectual.

You’ll use communication skills to bridge unseen gaps. You’ll engage a spectrum of senses to establish stability and support, and rely on trust and leadership from yourself, and those around you.

Your tour guide will lead you through a series of environments—both every day and iconically Melbourne—on an incredibly familiar journey in the unfamiliarity of complete darkness. Slowly but surely, an invisible landscape emerges, composed out of sounds, scents, wind, textures and temperatures.

Please refer to our Conditions of Entry for further information about arrival times, clothing, and who should (and shouldn’t) attend Dialogue in the Dark.

For further information on conditions of entry, please contact us.


Dialogue in the Dark Melbourne is located at:
The District Docklands (Upstairs, opposite ArtVo)
Level 1, 29 – 31 Star Crescent, Docklands

Dialogue in the Dark

The District Docklands
(opposite ArtVo)
Level 1, 29 – 31 Star Crescent, Docklands