Dialogue in the Dark™ is a sensory journey set in total darkness. It’s an incredible experience where you step out of your comfort zone and take on the challenges of a bustling, simulated Melbourne in the dark. How would you respond to sensing your everyday world, rather than seeing it?

How do you navigate peak-hour in pitch black? What’s it like to feel your way through a crowded footpath? How would you find and communicate with friends using only your feet, hands and sense of hearing?

Get ready to find out, as you step into the shoes of a person with low vision or blindness. You’ll experience Melbourne like you never have before, learn about yourself, and have fun along the way.

Presented in partnership with Guide Dogs Australia—Australia’s most trusted charity brand—Dialogue in the Dark™ is an immersive experience designed to push your senses and problem-solving skills to the limit.

Everyday experiences take on a whole new meaning as you move through a simulated Melbourne, guided by a person with low vision. You’ll learn skills, learn about yourself, overcome challenges, and develop a new perspective: all in total darkness.

Learn to draw upon your senses to make sense of the world around you. Learn to smell, hear, and feel your way through all kinds of daily tasks, and experience life as you never have before. You’ll pick up skills along the way with thanks to your guide: a person with low vision who teaches you techniques for orientation and security.

Over the course of an hour, you’ll discover:

  • How to find your bearings and move in complete darkness
  • How to identify the world through a variety of senses
  • How to communicate and collaborate with other people, without visual cues
  • How you respond to the challenges of Melbourne in the dark

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For group bookings, please contact us on 1300 411 881.

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The history of Dialogue in the Dark™

Dialogue in the Dark™ was founded by Andreas Heinecke in 1988, after an experience that completely changed his perspective on low vision and blindness.

While working at a radio station in his native Germany, Andreas was asked to participate in some workplace training for a young journalist who recently lost his eyesight in a car accident.

Andreas had no previous experience with low vision or blindness. Like many people in his position, Andreas’ first reaction was one of sympathy; he wondered how a life without eyesight could be lived wholly.

Although Andreas was providing the training, he was the one who soon began to learn.

While interacting with his new colleague, Andreas began to see that low vision or blindness is not something to consider a disability. Rather, it’s simply a context that creates a range of other abilities. Andreas promptly shifted from sympathy to empathy; he developed a greater understanding of a fellow person’s experience in life.

These ideas—of low vision, of sharing experience to foster empathy, and of a context that creates a heightened sense of other abilities—come together to form Dialogue in the Dark™.

The whole-body, immersive experience is designed to help the public adopt a new perspective by navigating everyday challenges in absolute darkness, with the skilled assistance of guides with low vision.

At the same time, Dialogue in the Dark™ provides employment opportunities for people with low vision or blindness: a community who frequently experience challenges in finding work.

The first Dialogue in the Dark™ experience was held in Frankfurt in 1988. To date, we have employed more than 10,000 guides with low vision or blindness across 42 countries, including here in Australia.

Today, more than nine million people have completed the Dialogue in the Dark™ experience. Will you take on the challenge and become enlightened in the darkness?

Dialogue in the Dark Melbourne is open now, and is brought to you by Guide Dogs Australia, and our partners:

Gold Partners

Collier Charitable Foundation The District The Ian Potter Foundation Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation Public Transport Victoria The Shine On Foundaton Victorian Government

Event Partners

Better Living Group Dialogue Social Enterprise  FPPV Architecture

Guide Dogs Australia has additional partnership opportunities available. For further information contact Evan Gordon on 03 9854 4462 or evang@guidedogsvictoria.com.au

About Guide Dogs Australia

Guide Dogs Australia provides a full range of expert services to support the independence of Australians with low vision or blindness. The organisation offers more than dogs, equipping people with the skills to explore their individual possibilities.

Of course, the iconic and beloved Guide Dogs are trained to the highest international standards, and partner with each person based on individual compatibility and temperament.

However, for many people, a Guide Dog is either not possible or desirable based on personal circumstances. As a result, Guide Dogs Australia offers a range of services to support people with low vision or blindness—whether you have recently experienced a change in vision, or experienced low vision throughout your life.

Guide Dogs Australia is much more than dogs.

The highly experienced team understands that people often need a mix of different supports and programs to reach their personal potential. The length and breadth of Guide Dogs Australia’s individualised training programs are entirely dependent on your needs, and are not restricted or capped by Government or case-mix funding.

For more information about Guide Dogs Australia, and how they can support you to live a more independent life, visit their website.