Billanook College visit Dialogue in the Dark

A group of year 9 students from Billanook College ventured into Dialogue in the Dark recently, as a part of their CITY9 Experience – a part of their core curriculum. The group were hosted by tour guide, François who provided insight into how to move through the experience, and also into life as a person with low vision.

The group felt that the opportunity to ask their guide questions at the culmination of the tour was really important to them, and was the most impactful part of the experience. The open and honest conversation led one student to ask François, “what do you see when you dream?” François was very open and replied, “my dreams are full of conversations and the sense of touch”.

All Guides at Dialogue in the Dark welcome this discussion at the end of each tour, as it provides them an opportunity to share their life experiences and clarify any misconceptions about people who are blind or have low vision.

“We can’t thank Dialogue in the Dark enough for the sensational experience our students and staff had”, Maria McInnes, Admissions Officer said.

And because of their positive experience, Billanook College will now look to include sessions of Dialogue in the Dark for all Year 9 students.

School groups are more than welcome at Dialogue in the Dark – students have to be over 9 years of age. You can find out more here about the opportunities open to school groups when visiting Dialogue in the Dark.


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