Dialogue in the Dark Australia conducts incursions and excursions for schools, as part of a curriculum-based learning activity.

They are designed for primary and secondary school students, who learn the following:

  • Empathy

    Understanding how people with low vision or blindness interact and experience day-to-day life
    Woman standing in front of train
  • Non-visual communication

    Speaking and listening skills.
    Man standing in park
  • Confidence

    Through overcoming fears.
    Group of people sitting at tables
  • Self-awareness

    Of who they are.
    Inside empty train

Powerful learning through lived experience.

Dialogue in the Dark offers potent and transformative learning. It is imaginative, educational, and entertaining.

Students evaluate their own thinking, emotions, responses, and actions when vision is removed. Communication skills come to the fore.

How do you show leadership when you cannot see your friends? How do you collaborate in complete darkness? Students hone a range of skills as they uncover the answer to these questions, and more.

Guided by a skilled facilitator with low vision or blindness, students cooperate, discover skills, embrace creativity, and adopt a new perspective of the world around them; all in total darkness.

‘It’s the only exhibition where I saw nothing, but felt so much.’

Phillip, Melbourne

Book your excursion soon.

School group placements fill quickly. For school bookings:

Call: 1300 411 881
Email: info@dialogueinthedark.com.au

Professional development opportunities are also now available for teachers.

For all other enquiries, please complete the contact form, or phone us on 1300 411 881.

Group size and supervision requirements


The excursion can accommodate a class or group of up to 70 students. The group is divided into smaller groups during the experience. Students enjoy other activities as they wait to participate.

Tours are conducted by a skilled guide with low vision or blindness. Please note: all students require teacher supervision, provided by the school, at all times.

Accessibility requirements

Our premises are wheelchair accessible. There are, however, some wheelchair accessibility requirements throughout the experience. For further information and enquiries, please contact us on 1300 411 881 or info@dialogueinthedark.com.au

Tour guides and facilitators

All staff at Dialogue in the Dark have a current Working with Children Check, as part of Guide Dogs Australia’s staffing policy.

Links to the curriculum

Our workshops align with the learning objectives, outcomes and capabilities of the Victorian Curriculum Levels 3-10. Dialogue in the Dark equips students with the tools for life-long learning, ongoing social development, and promotes active and informed citizenship.


1 hour


$15 per student for primary and secondary schools.

$25 plus booking fees for university students.

Supervising adults are admitted free of charge. Please note students must be supervised by teaching staff provided by the school.