At each Dialogue in the Dark location around the world, guestbooks offer a first-hand glimpse into the impact of the exhibition.

A unique, humbling and unforgettable experience.

Kristie, Melbourne

There’s one common thread in quotes and comments across the globe: an appreciation for the confidence, grace, and skill of each Dialogue in the Dark guide.

Sensory overload – a thrilling experience like no other, it will give you goosebumps.

Katherine, Melbourne

With the guidance of your skilled facilitator, you’ll step into the shoes of a person with low vision or blindness. You’ll learn skills, learn about yourself, overcome challenges, and develop a new perspective; all in total darkness.

Dialogue in the Dark is one of the most unique, interesting, emotional and inspiring experiences I have ever had.

Greg, Melbourne

More than nine million people have completed Dialogue in the Dark experiences around the world. Are you ready to take on the challenge and become enlightened in the darkness?

A sensory experience that leaves you feeling exhilarated and empathetic.

Liliana, Melbourne

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